Wednesday, June 15, 2016

MHK Designer Inspiration: Jerrie

Hello everyone!  I am excited to share this post with you today because June is Dairy month.  We get to recognize all the farmers that milk the cows.  In Wisconsin, this is a big month.  The banks give ice cream bars to celebrate this month.  There are farmers breakfasts hosted by farms in different counties through out Wisconsin.  Breakfast is a feast of all things dairy.  Then, it is time to tour the farm and there is usually a petting zoo for the kiddos.

 Last year my grandson got to take a tractor and wagon ride through the cow barns.  He was silent through the whole tour taking everything in.  When it was question time he asked..."Where is the combine?"

This Friendship set is such a perfect set to showcase dairy month.  The cow is munching on some hay while the cat is ready for some friendship.

As I drink my milk and eat my dairy products I salute the dairy farmers for all their hard work!

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  1. This is so sweet, Jerrie! I LOVE the way you colored the image--and the patterned papers are fab, too! That denim flower is the perfect addition, too! Sending HUGS! :) Mynn xx